Chapter 1

Leaf-fall had arrived, and the cats of RiverClan were happy. They were all well-fed and relaxed, and after the battle where they had defeated WindClan, the other Clans had been cowed by their ferocity in fighting. None of them were expecting to be attacked. None of them, that is, except Springsong.

Springsong was a young tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, and had been pessimistic since the day she was born. The young warrior had always been predicting that dreadful things would happen, but never before had any one of her prophecies come true. Until now, life had been mainly peaceful.

"It's WindClan! They want revenge!" she wailed, throwing her tail straight up in the air and waving it about drastically, looking quite silly. "They are coming in three... two... one..."


The whole Clan looked at Springsong and sighed. She had often been known to use her apprentice, Iciclepaw, to imitate an attacking patrol or a badger invading the camp. The yell came as no surprise to them. But it sounded different from normal, they realised. RiverClan stirred from their positions splayed out on the grass. That voice had definitely sounded like Gorgestar, leader of WindClan. But surely not. Surely their ears were just playing tricks on them, hoping that Springsong would have finally done something right.

A rumble. It sounded like thunder. A screech, like that of an owl. And then... Paws thrumming on the ground, almost all of WindClan appeared over the edge of the water. The surprised RiverClan let out yowls of astonishment, jumping backwards and knocking each other other; they were not prepared.

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