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Habitat: Dense pine forests with little streams and brooks turning up every now and then. South of the camp is a hill which is where the AshClan medicine cats go if they need to speak to StarClan alone, it's called Star Rise.

Stereotype: Unpredictable. Definately not reliable or easy to trust. Rather charming and convincing. Almost never turn up to gatherings because their leaders have never seen that AshClan needs to. Very talented and smart. Snarky and rude to other clanners. BRILLIANT hunters and fighters. Prefer night to day.




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Ravenstar - very small black she-cat with one white paw and ice blue eyes. Rp'd by Patch


Needleclaw - pure black she-cat with a ginger paw and silver stripes running down her back. Named for her needle-sharp claws. Very slim, sleek, and skinny. She has ice blue eyes. Rp'd by Sandy

Medicine Cat[]

Ripplesky - dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes. Rp'd by Patch

Apprentice: Smokepaw - tall, long-legged dark smoky gray tom with heterochromatic brown and green eyes. Rp'd by Star


Featherheart - pale gray she-cat with light brown eyes. Rp'd by Hollytuft
Yewcloud - fluffy ragdoll tom with blue eyes. Rp'd by Patch
Icewing - light gray she-cat with white underbelly and paws, green eyes, and dark gray tail tip. Rp'd by Hollywhisker
Raccoontail - gray mottled tom with thick black stripes on his tail. Rp'd by Patch
Crowpelt - pitch black tom with wide amber eyes. He has very dark gray stripes. Rp'd by Sandy 
Shadowstorm - muscular black smoke tabby tom. Rp'd by Whiskers
Tallfang - broad-shouldered ruddy ticked tabby tom. Rp'd by Whiskers
Crowsong - tiny black she-cat with one white paw and blue eyes. Rp'd by Whiskers
Pantherfang - massive dark brown tabby tom with long fangs. Rp'd by Whiskers
Jadewhisker - silver she-cat with gray stripes and brown eyes. Rp'd by Holly
Sorrelflower - calico she-cat with green eyes. Rp'd by Mink
Rainsweptflower - pretty brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Rp'd by Mink
Oakfeather - musky brown tom with reddish tips on his fur. He has bright amber eyes and black stripes on his front left foreleg. Rp'd by Sandy
Twilightstrike - black she-cat with silver spots and dark blue eyes. Stormy gray paws and abnormally long tail. Rp'd by Sandy
Darkstorm - black smoke tabby tom with green eyes. Rp'd by Mink
Jayflight - ginger-and-white tabby she-cat with green eyes. Rp'd by Mink
Smokestorm - Smokey black tom. Rp'd by Patch
Beestorm - pale ginger tabby tom. Rp'd by Mink
Adderflower - brown tabby-and-white she-cat. Rp'd by Mink
Texaswild - beautiful, mainly black tortoiseshell she-cat. Rp'd by Texas
Lovefrost - silver and white tabby with blue eyes. she-cat. Rp'd by Texas
Braveheart - pretty, she-cat with a soft, white, tortoieshell pelt and blazing green eyes. Rp'd by Texas
Firestrike - flame colored she-cat with blazing green eyes. Rp'd by Texas


Lavenderpaw - bluish/grayish she-cat with a purple tint to her pelt with amber eyes. Rp'd by Patch
Tatteredpaw - scrawny, scarred black and white she-cat with blue eyes. Rp'd by Creek Mentor: Raccoontail(see above)
Spiritpaw - dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. Rp'd by Creek Mentor: Crowpelt

Queens & Kits[]

Blueheart - blue grey she-cat with dazzling blue eyes. Rp'd by Texas


Blackflower - young black and white she-cat with a broken leg. Rp'd by Patch