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LunarKatanazz LunarKatanazz 1 August 2020


Whitefeather is a tall, slim she-cat with yellow eyes and a long, slim tail. She resides at DuskClan with her mate, Wrenwing. She is incredibly cynical and rude.


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Sorrelblaze Sorrelblaze 3 July 2020


Hello, is it possible to change Clans? 

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 5 February 2019

the wiki update blog: feb

hello, welcome to the monthly update blog, run by your local neighborhood hollytuft! 

the first update blog can be found https://warriors-world.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Hollytuft/the_wiki_update_blog:_october

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 17 October 2018

the wiki update blog: october

i will make one of these every month for new updates, and update it whenever a new feature comes out.

i am trying to work on an automated welcome message for new users on the wiki. it may take some time, as it is proving to be pretty hard. 

admins can rename any users. yes, if you're unhappy with your current username, i or others could change it. you can make testing bots and try it, or try it on the testing bot OriginalBoi. 

the wiki has an art page, where you can post your art. find it here.

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 9 October 2018

oml i can rename you

so, i created a testing bot. 

i decided to play around with the wiki features, and i renamed it. 

so, i can rename you guys. if you needed a rename, i think any of the admins and i can rename you.

please, don't use this feature for trolling. the testing bot is now named "OriginalBoi" by the way. just so you can see that it worked. 

admins: you can try it on the testing bot. 

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.iNebula .iNebula 2 September 2018

wait i'm alive


guess what.

the star is alive.

i haven't been here in what? four months? or something?

ahahaha not much has changed i see.

what am i doing lol

so yeah

i kinda lost interest in this wiki and rping in general BUT i decided to check it out

and patch kinda filled me in on some stuff

idk what's going on really

oof is anyone still alive

so yeah bye

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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 26 August 2018

Kabom. c:

So, why the strange title?

Yeah um, my computer ate its motherboard. C:

So 'xcuse the inactivity. I can't bear stupid phone things. Should get a new computer soon.

And I'm starting college, so idk if I'll be posting everyday. Yeah, I'm old.

Speaking of stupid phone, the title should be "Kaboom".

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Sandstorm1823 Sandstorm1823 24 August 2018

I'm Back

This is fricken long overdue.

Holy crap it's been a while since I've been on here. Around a year, I think. It's be really different since I left the wiki life, I guess. I'm sixteen now, working with horses and still writing xD

I'm back for good now. I'll try get up to date with where everything it up to. 

~ Sandy 

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 29 May 2018

why i haven't been active

This might be kind of short.

1st of all, I've been busy with writing on other wikis (Survivors Fanfiction Wiki, Seekers Fanfiction Wiki) and i've been doing a huge project on Survivors, so that's been causing the inactivity.

2nd, School is getting hard. It's summer now, so I can be on here a lot more.

3rd, the biggest reason, my internet went down. From the last time I've been active till now, MY INTERNET WAS DOWN. It's working now, so I'll be back.

After hearing all that, I think you'll understand my pov. Apologies from Hollytuft.

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Sandstorm1823 Sandstorm1823 21 April 2018


Crikey it's been a long time since I've been on a wiki. I'm so sorry for being so inactive, school and all that crap has really caught up with me, quicker than I thought it would. 

At least I didn't bloody roll over and die. (Maze Runner reference. Sorry, couldn't help it)

Basically the purpose of this blog is to say sorry for being inactive and sorry for not having the ability to be much more active. Of course I'll still be editing on here, just not as much as I used to. The odds have never been in my favor (Hunger Games reference... I'll stop now), when it comes to school and out-of-school activities. 

To be brutally honest, I probably will only be on this wiki once or twice a week. 

That's it for this blog. 

Hope you guys all enjoy your live…

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 7 January 2018

oh starclan!

i apologize for not being active, because i've been caught up in the holidays and the business of school. but the new year has come, and with that, comes a new Hollytuft. 

i'll try to be more active from now on, as this is my wiki. here are the reasons i haven't been active:

  1. school
  2. holidays
  3. my wifi hasn't been working 

these are the reasons i haven't been active. but with 2018, i have 2 new cats to bring to the table. Blueheart and Dewsplash. 

Blueheart is a blue-looking she-cat. she looks like felicity from felidae (guys before you panic about gore and cursing, i've only seen the one scene for francis meets felicity, otherwise just pics. im waiting until im older.) 

and may or may not be based off her. dewsplash, is more like soliatire from feli…

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Storkbork Storkbork 23 November 2017

WWW Discord


you've probably seen and/or talked to me before, but if not, my name's stormver and i'm an admin over on the wiki's discord sever!

i'm helping set up over there, and i'd be glad to help you out if you need help!

the link to the wiki's discord server is here!

i'll take questions and answers about the discord on here or on my wall, so feel free to message me!


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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 23 November 2017


Sorry I've been a little, I've had some...complications.

1. Dog got fleas! :D So we're cleaning the house 24/7.

2. Massive 7 page paper needs to be completed by this Monday, on top of my weekend/weekday job. And I'm taking pictures on Sunday.

So I'll be a little invisible for a while. Thanksgiving is a horrible holiday in our case, something always goes terribly wrong.

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Sandstorm1823 Sandstorm1823 16 November 2017

My Life is Ruined...

Hey guys. It's Sandy. I'm at school now and the bullying has just gotten worse.

Oh, I never told you guys about the bullying.

Basically, ever since I moved into year 5 I've been bullied by the older boys in year 6. I'm the smartest person in the school, so that might be part of a bigger reason. I don't know, nor do I care. 

The thing is, I got a boyfriend, let's call him Tom for privacy reasons, and that hasn't helped. They've called me horrible things, it's just hard to deal with. But I also have another friend, one of my best friends, let's call him Sniper, for privacy reasons again.

They've been teasing me about me going behind Tom's back and that's just.... ruined our relationship. And now there's this other kid, let's call him Vincent, te…

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Patchfeather14 Patchfeather14 11 November 2017

Possible AshClan Plot

Today has been pretty slow and boring, so I was thinking about Ravenstar and a little idea popped into my head.

Maybe a rogue and his or her group make their territory beside AshClan. Since AshClan are growing more lustful for battle, they try to get Ravenstar to act, but Ravenstar doesn't think chasing them out is needed, since they aren't really bothering the Clan, but the Clan doesn't agree with her views.

So cats start turning against Ravenstar and believe she is a weak leader. The rogues actually end up befriending the Clan, helping them out with hunting, sharing prey, and then the rogues betray them, and since there is such an overwhelming number, they chase AshClan out.

(this part is up to Sandy) Maybe Needleclaw is disgusted with Rave…

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Patchfeather14 Patchfeather14 2 November 2017

Who wants a kitten?

Talonfang and Smokewhisker are having kits; a litter of five! Both me and Sandy will be owning two kits, while one is up for a raffle. There's a plot going to happen the will more than likely effect the kits future;

Talonfang is currently pregnant, before they are born, she reveals to Smokewhisker she has killed many of her Clanmates. He breaks up with her, shocked. Talonfang realizes she has ruined everything and Smokewhisker might tell SoulClan everything (even though he wouldn't) She kills him, then soon after gives birth to her kits. 

She knows she can't raise them, in fear they'll end up like her one day. She convinces her brother Creekfrost to raise as them as their foster father, while Squirreltail is the foster mother. Talonfang make…

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 17 October 2017

Report Cards

Before You Read: My brother has become a better person now, as he refuses to go on Wikia at all anymore, he fears he will be hated. He knows that people will not believe him, and I respect that. 

Now beginning the blog:

Everyone living around me in the US knows what time it is; report card time. My grades and my brother's grades went home today. I got 3 A's and 1 B, which I can handle, but my brother, from what I know, has really bad grades.

He only got an A in science. He was and maybe still is crying, but there is something even worse he told me. 

People are bullying him in school, lots. What he has told me over the semester:

  1. People are tripping him on purpose on the sidewalk or in the hallways.
  2. People are snapping/whistling in class and blami…
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Hollywhisker Hollywhisker 14 October 2017

Mate Stuff for rps

Since everyone doing's one of these, why not do it myself?

No rp cats of mine has mates atm

Embersong(SoulClan) - Is currently crushing on Mothwhisker. 

Icewing(AshClan) - She has a super small crush with Leo(rped by Patch), but planned to get bigger.

Wolfstar(FrostClan) - planned stuff with Daisypad(rped by patch) Admired by Galepaw

Jadewhisker(AshClan) - Doing a Tigerstar and Goldenflower thing with Pantherfang.

Snowleaf(SunClan) - she's a med cat. No mates allowed. So technically not open.

Wolfclaw(FrostClan) - He's a tough cat, pretty harsh and arrogant. He is a deputy, can't have out-of-Clan crush/mate. Admired by Galepaw. 

Duskpool(FrostClan)  - she's a very calm cat; friendly and kind. She's never frustrated and always tries to find somet…

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.iNebula .iNebula 8 October 2017

Plots, mates, friends, crushes, etc.

It's a little late for me to jump on the bandwagon, but I don't really care, so . . .


  • 1 Characters open for crushes/mates
    • 1.1 Wolfstorm
    • 1.2 Ravenpaw
    • 1.3 Kestrelkit and Raindrop

She's already occupied with one crush and one daughter. Although I was thinking that some dude tricks her into having his kits and then makes off with his cruel friend and kills off half the forest. Then she has to kill both of them and dies having the dudes kits. Why? Because I am cruel that way. Must be a tom, because otherwise the kit thing doesn't work.

She's not a very sympathetic cat, and is personality fluid. She's also very manipulative, and very cunning. It will take a ton of love and maybe a miracle for her to change her ways. If anything she's not very romantic…

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Sandstorm1823 Sandstorm1823 7 October 2017


Hello guys! It's Sandy, and I never told any of you this, but a few weeks ago one of my horses had a foal, but it was born dead. I went inactive for a while and unfortunately I'm going inactive again...

My oldest horse died of cancer last night. 

I am very depressed, so I may not be as active as I was for a little while. I'm still going to be editing, just not as much as I was before I made this post. 

I just wanted to let you know.

Sandy, out.

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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 2 October 2017

Project:Characters for Page Creation?

So, there's a lot of pages that have gone uncreated, at least that I've noticed. And most of which are major characters within the roleplays.

So I was thinking: why not create a Project Characters?

If none of you know about it, Project Characters is essentially in charge of grading pages, picking a page of the month, a content drive, and setting page standards. They're also usually in charge of character adoption. I was also thinking...

Make them in charge of creating pages that need created.

Because, in my opinion, things here are a bit...vague? I haven't found anything that specifies the territory locations/borders, the history, etc. It's a bit hard to start off here without knowing what's gone on, and whether or not they have any relation t…

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 2 October 2017

eep sorry

I've been gone for almost a month now! Sorry guys lol


Anyway, I have not lost interest in Warriors or fanfiction. Also, tomorrow is my birthday! Guess I'm gonna be 15 

I'm old lol

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Patchfeather14 Patchfeather14 27 September 2017

Mates, kit-kats, crushes and friends

Since everyone's got one, why not make one for myself.

  • 1 Mates
  • 2 Crushes
  • 3 Friends
  • 4 Kit-Kats

Racoontail: So I had a particular idea for him. I'm thinking he has an illness (i guess unknown to mcs or something) but they can't cure it. He befriends potental mate and they spend a lot of time together and fall in love. He has to retire very early cause he's getting weaker. He eventually succumbs to the illness and dies happily by her side. Kinda sad, but I think it's a nice idea. They'd probably be a short-lived couple, but a happy one. Inside/outside relationship is open. Taken by Galaxystorm.

Spots - Spots is afriad of herself, after "the accident" and terrified she'll lose her temper and hurt someone else close to her. She's socially awkward and quie…

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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 23 September 2017

Queen needs 4 kits?

So, I'm thinking about putting my beloved Galepaw and Raptorpaw in FrostClan. But they need some friends!

Therefore, I'm up for making a Queen, Coldpool, who currently has four kittens around apprentice age, so my apprentices can have some victims friends! However, I'll only create said Queen if users are willing to roleplay her four kits. After they're apprentices, she might have one final litter, and then die.

1. Vinekit - Dark gray and white she-kit with blue eyes (Sandstorm)

2. Hailkit - light gray tabby tom with green eyes. (Creek)

3. Dustkit - brown tabby with amber eyes. (Patch)

4. Brookkit - dark blue gray tom with yellow eyes and a silver tail tip. (Starlight)

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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 20 September 2017

Whisker's Match Making

So, whenever I'm looking for a crush or mate for a character (or even just a friend sometimes imao), I'll comment on here with a little update to note who's been added!

  • 1 Searching
    • 1.1 AshClan
    • 1.2 SoulClan
    • 1.3 FrostClan
    • 1.4 SunClan
    • 1.5 Loners & Rogues
    • 1.6 Seeking Baby Daddy

Shadowstorm: If you think I'd find my special boy a mate that fast, think again. Took me over a year last time, hah. ANYWAYS, my special dork is seeking a friend! He's pretty ignored up in AC. :c
Pantherfang: It would basically be a Tiger/Golden or Tiger/Sasha thing with him. He'd kinda...like her, but not love, just be with her for her praise and kittens. Mate1 possibly taken by Jadewhisker

Thunderpaw: After our CreekBloom plot, Thunderpaw will be looking for a new and final mate, with w…

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Patchfeather14 Patchfeather14 20 September 2017

Inactivity & plus more

This is just a quick blog everyone know I'm going to be inactive as of.. probably sometime today or tomorrow, but I'll be on again, probably around sunday! 

but who cares about that, you saw "plus more" and are probably way more interested in that.

Soo it's a few things; I was thinking we could perhaps make chararts for this wiki? If you are not aware of what a charart is, it is where we take a blank pixel of a cat and color and shade it to match the description of a character. That's kind of it, it's useful to give people a better idea what your cat looks like.

Second thing; I draw cats, just random cats, so I have open requests so I can draw your characters. Yep.

THIRD; I have Brackenheart who needs to become good friends with someone soon a…

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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 19 September 2017

Clans for Galaxy & Shadow

Looking for two (separate!) Clans for Shadowstorm and Galaxystorm, preferably where eatch can start happy lives of their own. Personalities are on their pages, should you believe that would influence what Clan they're in. Both are tentatively open to mates and very very open to friends! (EDIT: Might introduce Shadow's brother, Ace, as a loner. He's a handsome, powerfully-built, dark blue-gray tom with mint green eyes...may or may not join a clan eventually)

So, offer up a Clan that you think is suiting to each! Silverstar 11:56, September 19, 2017 (UTC)

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Patchfeather14 Patchfeather14 8 September 2017


So I have a litter of kittens open for people to roleplay! 

I'm thinking four or three. I will be owning one, while the others are by other users. Their parents are Brackenheart and Frosty. The story is, Brackenheart and his mate were two former kittypets turned rogue after their housefolk abandoned them. Frosty gives birth to healthy kits, but soon after the birth is met by a coyote who kills her. Cheddar (now Brackenheart) finds her body and is left alone to raise his kits.

But he had no milk. He had to give them up. He met a passing she-cat who had kits of her own, she agreed to take them in, but Cheddar could not/or would not go with them for his reasons. But amazingly, it turns out it was a Clan she-cat, so now his kits are currently in…

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Patchfeather14 Patchfeather14 31 August 2017

Firepoppy's boyfriend

Sooo I have this idea that Firepoppy meets a guy (who's a loner/rogue who joins the clan) he's sorta loving towards her but not super, and actually disrespectful to her, but she falls in love with him so she doesn't care if he's a little mean. 

But she somehow finds out that he was only using her to have kits then kill and leave her (which he has done to a few other she-cats) Firepoppy and him battle and she kills him. Afterwords she has serious trust issues, but at some point will find real love.

Anyway, anyone is open to rp the tom. I guess i'll do a raffle on it? i'll do that when i've got at least two comments

He needs to be very... convincing, kind at first, but then turns ruder as she grows more in love with him, but when she gets mad a…

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Hollytuft Hollytuft 14 August 2017

Help Me Please

I have some really sad news guys....

My great uncle is having a heart attack...

Right now...

Please pray for him to survive, I'll post an update if he survived or not

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