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Hollyfrost sniffed the air. It was cold... like any Leaf-Bare... but something was wrong... Barely any prey... normal in Leaf-Bare...

     Hollyfrost pricked his ears as he heard thumping...
          Cats! he realized, surprised.
        "ShadowClan!" he yowled, leaping forward to a patrol of three cats.
           "Reawr!" Ravenclaw yowled, struggling to escape his grasp.
         "Get off of her!" yowled Pouncefang, knocking Hollyfrost off.
          "ShadowClan! What are you doing on RiverClan territory?!" he demanded and Frost stepped forward.
          "Oh, just making sure this kittypet-Clan dies," the former-rogue retorted.
        "I'll make sure this rogue-Clan backs off." Swampfur stepped beside Hollyfrost and snarled.
       "Ha, oh, Moss. How predictable of you," Frost chuckled, claws unsheathed.
         "Don't you remember your past life? Brother?" Swampfur flinched.
       "At least I changed my name! I left my rogue life behind! I'm a RiverClan warrior!" Swampfur hissed, earning a torn ear in response.
          "Reaowr! Ravenclaw! You'll regret that!" hissed Swampfur, leaping at her.
      "Swampfur, calm down," Icestar mewed, stepping in between the patrols.
         "Ice? Is that you? Oh, I remember you, too. I just don't understand why you two chose RiverClan over ShadowClan."