Foxpaw opened his eyes, he was in the nursery again. 'Another nightmare..' He thought as he watched the badger attack his mother, killing her. Foxpaw constantly has this nightmare of seeing his mother die how she did 9 moons ago.

He opened his eyes again and sighed "Awake again..." He said quietly to himself, then he looked over at his brother, Blackpaw, Blackpaw was still asleep. "... Annoying..." He stood up and left the apprentice den and streatched, his reddish fur fluffing up, he looked around the camp before deciding to get freshkill.

"Foxpaw!" he flinched hearing his mentor, Barkpelt call apon him. "Yeah..?" Foxpaw responded. "Its time for us to hunt, if you're successful maybe I'll inform Fogstar that you're ready to be a warrior!" Barkpelt said in a deep tone. "Wait.. Really?" Foxpaw was surprised. "Yes now come on before i change my mind!" Barkpelt hissed in annoyance, Foxpaw knew Barkpelt didnt like him but they tolerated eachother and that was enough for him.

After a while of hunting Foxpaw brought back prey and was named FoxShade.

"Blackpaw, wake up you lazy ball of fur!" Foxshade hissed, "wha.. Huh...?" Blackpaw was drowsy "what is it..?" Blackpaw asked, "come on, lets go hunting." In reality Foxshade had a dark plan . . .

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