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Born: In the middle of leaf-bare 12 moons before her first appearance in stories/roleplays

Blood-Status: Pure AshClan (though it is rumoured her grandmother was from SoulClan)

Clan: AshClan

Species: Cat

Gender: She-cat

Description: Needleclaw is a pure black she-cat with a ginger paw and silver stripes running down her back. Named for her needle-sharp claws. Very slim, sleek and skinny. She has ice blue eyes

Personality: Very snarky and aggressive to non-AshClanners unless she realises they're safe. Very clever and wise. She likes to make her opinion known. Selfless. Charming. Adventurous. Untrustworthy. Ambitious.

Ambition: To be the best leader AshClan ever had, despite how much she respects her leader

Skills: Best hunter in the Clan, second best at fighting


Kithood and Adolescence[]

Needleclaw's kit life was a difficult one. Her mother left the Clan on a secret mission she never returned from when her kits were only two moons old and she lost her father at three moons old to red-cough, her fourth littermate, Longkit, following their father's fate soon after.

When Needlekit became Needlepaw, she learned life's tragic lesson: You're deemed to loose almost everyone you love. 


Pedigree (anyone is welcome to roleplay these cats in the AshClan roleplay)[]


Mother: Jadeheart; thought to be dead; status unknown

Father: Sharpeye; deceased; resedence unknown

Siblings: Berrycloud; alive and well; resedence in AshClan

Yarroweye; alive and well; resedence in AshClan

Ravenfeather; alive and well; resedence in AshClan

Longkit; deceased; resedence in StarClan

Relationships (anyone is welcome to roleplay these cats in the AshClam roleplay)[]


Her mother (Jadeheart; unknown where she is, thought to be dead)

Father (Sharpeye; deceased)

Sister (Berrycloud; alive)

Sister (Yarroweye; alive)

Brother (Ravenfeather; alive)

Brother (Longkit; deceased)

Love-Life Relationships[]

Coming Soon

Closest Friendships[]

Shinepaw (she-cat; deceased)

Ripplesky (tom; alive)

More Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Extra Info[]

Loyalties: To her Clan, family, friends and love-life

Live Appearances: AshClan role-play, (more appearances to be added)

Dead Appearances: None yet


"How dare you defy me? I, obviously since I am deputy, should be respected and not treated like filth!"

~ Needleclaw on Ripplesky dismissing her idea

"Do you honestly think I'm that dumb to not understand what you're saying? I won't allow you to go, never!"

~ Needlekit on her mother leaving the Clan on a mission only her mother knows about

"I know what you're up to, scum! Don't try to hide it!"

~ Needleclaw on a SoulClan cat trespassing on AshClan territory