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Habitat: Completely forest, so dark, as the trees are blocking the sunlight. Flat ground, and a river running right in the middle.

Stereotype: Sneaky and clever. Usually the lighter colored cats are good at fighting, and the darker ones are good at hunting.




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Larchstar - light brown tabby tom with a paler underside and dark orange eyes. Rp'd by Patch


Sandynose - Dark gray tom with black splotches and a sandy ginger nose. Rp'd by Sandy

Medicine Cat[]

Rainwisp - light gray spotted tabby tom with large amber eyes. Rp'd by Patch


Shadeheart - white she-cat with brown patches and blue eyes. Rp'd by Hollytuft
Embersong - brown tabby she-cat with ginger tail tip and dark colored eyes. Rp'd by Hollywhisker Apprentice: Creekpaw(see below)
Talonfang - fluffy gray speckled she-cat with green eyes. Rp'd by Patch
Mothwhisker - well muscled black, brown, and ginger tom with green eyes and long claws. Rp'd by Sandy
Squirreltail - white she-cat with ginger face, legs, bushy tail, and black splotches. Rp'd by Sandy
Creekfrost - handsome battle-scarred black tom. Rp'd by Patch
Orchidbloom - tall muscular gray classic tabby she-cat. Rp'd by Whiskers
Thunderblaze - bright ginger-and-white spotted tabby tom. Rp'd by Whiskers
Violetpetal - brown tabby she-cat with white mittens. Rp'd by Whiskers
Sprucewind - brown tom with yellowish green eyes and one white paw. Rp'd by Hollywhisker
Pink-Eyes - albino tom with pink eyes. Rp'd by Mink
Spiderberry - black and white she-cat with amber eyes. Rp'd by Sandy


Whitepaw - peach she-cat with a white chest and ear. Rp'd by Patch Mentor: Aspenwhisker (see in warriors)
Stormpaw - stormy gray tom with amber eyes. Rp'd by Sandy Mentor: Squirreltail (see in warriors)
Evergreenpaw - tortoiseshell tabby and white she-cat. Rp'd by Patch Mentor: Mothwhisker (see in warriors)
Flamepaw - orange tabby with a white muzzle. Rp'd by Creek Mentor: Shadeheart (see in warriors)
Berrypaw - pale brown and frosty gray tabby tom. Rp'd by Sandy Mentor: Talonfang (see in warriors)
Thornpaw - slender golden brown tabby she-cat. Rp'd by Blue
Rosepaw - black-and-white she-cat. Rp'd by Mink

Queens & Kits[]

Wishfoot - Gray tabby she-cat with one blind eye and one shredded ear. Rp'd by Star
Rowankit - sandy tom with gray stripes. Rp'd by Star
Silverkit - gray she-cat. Rp'd by Star & Sandy
Jaykit - dark gray tom. Rp'd by Sandy
Unnamed Queen's Litter:
Icekit - white she-cat with green eyes. Rp'd by Creek
Owlkit - brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Rp'd by Creek
Ivykit - brown she-cat with white ears and tail, and green eyes. Rp'd by Creek
Squirreltail - see in warriors. Adoptive mother of Talonfang's kits. Rp'd by Sandy
Driftkit - smokey gray she-cat with black stripes and blue eyes. Rp'd by Sandy
Waterkit - silver-and-white tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Rp'd by Patch
Snakekit - black tom with amber eyes. Rp'd by Sandy
Lostkit - chocolate mottled and dappled tom with heterochromatic blue and brown eyes. Rp'd by Whiskers
Stormkit - large gray-and-white tom with pale green eyes. Rp'd by Patch
Unnamed Queen's Litter:
Featherkit - Pale gray mottled tom with green eyes. Rp'd by Firespring


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