Habitat: A desert-like moor with barely any trees and a hot climate.

Stereotype: Sleek pelts, made for running and keeping cool. Lean, with somewhat elongated muzzles and larger ears. Firey or sandy pelts, with some tortoiseshells and some speckled. Somewhat cunning, but are usually the target of many other Clan invasions. Attack if provoked, no matter how they were provoked. For example if they were insulted, they would use physical attacks anyways. Arguably the best fighters. Prefer the hot scorching desert days to the cold windy desert nights.




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Echostar - small and fluffy silver and white tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes. Rp'd by Sandy


Wolfstorm - broad-shouldered auburn she-cat with piercing blue eyes, a fluffy tail, and battle-scarred body and face. Rp'd by Star

Medicine CatsEdit

Snowleaf - white she-cat with gray splotches, paws, and tail tip; bright yellowish-green eyes. Rp'd by Hollywhisker
Hawkpool - Light brown tabby she-cat with black paws and black underbelly; fiery amber eyes. Rp'd by Sandy


Songpool - Brown she-cat with a white underbelly and chest. Blue eyes. Rp'd by Hollytuft
Firepoppy - small, short, thin, sturdy golden brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes and a slashed ear Rp'd by Patch
Burnfeather - reddish ticked tabby tom with amber eyes. Rp'd by Patch
Falcontalon - muscular, scarred, patched gray and brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Rp'd by Creek
Galaxystorm - black she-cat with silver and white speckles. Rp'd by Whiskers
Oasisbloom - small dilute tortoiseshell she-cat. Rp'd by Patch
Brokenfoot - tall, sturdy and well muscled dark brown tabby tom with black stripes and amber eyes. Rp'd by Sandy
Runningbrook - brown tabby she-cat. Rp'd by Mink
Sturgeonwhisker - dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Rp'd by Mink
Mousefern - creamy-brown she-cat with black tail, stockings, ear tips, white paws and chest. Rp'd by Sandy
Flickerlight - A cream like mottled tabby tom with darker spots of black, peach and cream with forest-green eyes. Rp'd by Winter


Palmpaw - sandy she-cat with a white face and underbelly. Has amber eyes and one scarred blind. Rp'd by Patch Mentor: Wolfstorm
Ravenpaw - cream she-cat with one black paw and one white paw, a ginger stripe that separates her face, one red eye, and one green eye. Rp'd by Star Mentor: Burnfeather
Batpaw - skinny black tom. Rp'd by Mink Mentor: Runningbrook
Whitepaw - white tom with black tipped fur. Rp'd by Whiskers Mentor: Firepoppy
Foxpaw - wiry, lean white she-cat with ginger patches. Rp'd by Creek Mentor: Galaxystorm
Violetpaw - silver ticked tabby she-cat. Rp'd by Patch Mentor: Sturgeonwhisker
Adderpaw - dark brownish tom with white underbelly and paws. Rp'd by Holly Mentor: Oasisbloom

Queens & KitsEdit

Mistflight - Misty gray she-cat with muddy brown paws, white stripes on her tail, teal eyes and powerful hindlegs. Rp'd by Sandy
Leopardkit - gray-and-white she-cat. Rp'd by Sandy
Spicekit - big misty gray and brown tom with white circles around his eyes. Rp'd by Patch






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