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Do you not like unexplainable, confusing fanfictions? Well, then, "The Bloodriver," is the fanfiction for you! Maybe Bloodkit gets kicked out of the Clan, or maybe even becomes leader! Find out in, "The Bloodriver!"         

"Patrols has scented ThunderClan on ShadowClan hunting grounds! Care to explain yourselves?!" Falconstar yowled.

        Several RiverClan cats gasped and WindClan cats hissed.
           Flamestar stepped forward and yowled back, "ThunderClan would never stray to ShadowClan territory!"
     Several ThunderClan cats yowled their agreements.
           "Liar!" a black she-cat from ShadowClan yowled.
             "They must be stealing prey!"
             "Whatever they're doing, if they don't admit to it and stop, ShadowClan and ThunderClan are at war!" Falconstar yowled in reply.
               Flamestar shook his head.
     "I am sorry, Falconstar, but ThunderClan will not admit to something we did not do!" Flamestar yowled in reply.
             "Fine! We are now at war!"
            Several cats yowled at ThunderClan cats and leaped at each other, but RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan yowled, "Back to camp!"

           "Flamestar?" Emberheart looked in the leader's den, but he was not there.

            Flamestar hissed and scratched at Falconstar, but it was no use. Falconstar would kill him, after all, Flamestar only had two lives left.
             "You never should have challenged ShadowClan!" Falconstar snarled before slashing Flamestar's throat.
       Flamestar's body went limp, but soon he had Falconstar pinned.
             One life left!

Falconstar pushed up with his front paws, sending Flamestar falling to the ground off of him.

                  "I give no mercy," Falconstar snarled, pushing Flamestar off the cliff they were near.
            Flamestar looked at Falconstar and frowned.
               "I am sorry it had to end this way, Flamestar," Falconstar mewed, and Flamestar was no longer in sight.

                                                 CHAPTER ONE

"Waaake uuuuuuppppp!" cried Icekit, shaking her little brother.

          The tiny little tom just rolled over, attempting to ignore her.
             "My little kit?" The kit mewled in annoyance.
            "Kit?" The tiny little tom mewled again and twitched his tail.
              "Dawnflower, your kit is taking a while to open his eyes!" Duskwhisker lay on her back in her nest, commenting on the tiny kit.
                 "My kits opened their eyes very quick!" Duskwhisker bragged.
               Dawnflower stared at Duskwhisker and scoffed.
                 "He'll open his eyes when he's ready!" she defended.
                   Duskwhisker huffed and rolled over, eyes closed.

     The little kit opened his eyes.
               "YOU'RE AWAAAAAAAAAAAKKKE!" Icekit squealed and the kit flinched at her loud cry.
                   "Hello, little kit!" Dawnflower mewed.
                       "Hmmm, I'll name you Bloodkit!" she purred as Bloodkit rolled over on his back.
                    "Oh, he's finally awake?" Duskwhisker snickered.
                 Dawnwhisker gave a little huff and moved Duskwhisper's tail.
                          "Oh, come on! I'm only messing with him!" Duskwhisker laughed, nudging Dawnwflower.
                      "Bloodkit!" Icekit called as the two queens argued.
                         Bloodkit mewed, "What?"
                           "Do you want to play moss-ball, or Clans, or play-fight?"
                    Bloodkit smiled slightly and pinned Icekit.
                      "BloomClan shall pay for stealing MouseClan prey!" Bloodkit squeaked.
                             "Bloodfang? Deputy of MouseClan? Beat me? Icewhisper? Ha! You make me laugh!" Icekit laughed, kicking him off.
                      "Tch, Mousestar, Blacktail, and I will beat your patrol, Icewhisper!" Bloodkit scoffed, Mousekit and Blackkit stepped beside him.
              "Well, Frostfang, Pouncefang, and I will beat you!" Icekit spat, Pouncekit and Frostkit stepping beside her.
          "Tch, nah! Never going to happen!" Bloodkit leaped at her.
                Mousekit leaped at Frostkit and Pouncekit leaped at Blackkit.
                  Blackkit leaped at Pouncekit and they both fell to the ground, but Blackkit quickly got up and reared up on his hind legs.
                 Frostkit gently pushed Blackkit over after getting out of Mousekit's grip.

                                             CHAPTER TWO

Cloudkit gave a squeaky hiss and pushed Pouncekit away.

             "Cloudkit? CLOUDKIIITTT!"

"Leave me alone, I want to sleep!" Cloudkit whined.



"Ugh fine."

Pouncekit breathed in the air outside.

"Hey, Pouncekit!" Bloodkit and Cloverkit were sitting somewhere, waiting for the others.

"Hi!" Pouncekit squeaked as he bounced over.

Mosskit signed something with her blue-gray tail.

"Um...," Pouncekit mewed.

"She says hi!" Bloodkit mewed, and the brown-ginger-and-white-and-black-and-blue-gray she-kit known as Mosskit nodded her head.

"Okay," he mewed and Cloverkit turned his head to Doekit and Silverkit, Doekit's pale-brown-and-cream fur ruffled and Silverkit's silver fur was messy.

"Didn't your mother groom you? Like she always does?" Bloodkit squeaked and the sisters shook their heads.

"She's asleep, and doesn't know we're out here. She's okay with it, though."

"Okay." Pouncekit nodded.

"Mosskit?" Pouncekit tipped his head to one side in confusion.

Her eyes! She's. . . . . . she's blind, isn't she!? Pouncekit realized with surprise. Yes? Mosskit signed.

                                          (NOT FINISHED)