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Howdy, I'm Whiskers!

I'm a very eager roleplayer. Get me a good plot, and expect me to post frequently on a daily basis! I've a lot of wikia experience, so feel free to ask me questions (just not about this particular wiki, I'm still new on this wiki).

Favorite Characters: Orchidbloom, Shadowstorm, Galaxystorm, and Ace (so all of them atm).

Occupation: Kennel Attendant at an Animal Hospital, Trail Leader at a Horse Farm...also a full-time HS student. ALSO do Acrylic commissions of pets on the side.

Pets: Silver panda ferret (Moxie), chow mix (Koda)

Favorite Animal: Ferret

Sport: SOCCER.

Chararts: MOUSE IS BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY! Uncertain about tabbies for computer, but capable of completing on kindle.